About me

I live and work in the Boston/Cambridge area as a GIS specialist. 

I am a 2015 graduate of the University of Massachusetts-Amherst as part of the B.S. program in 
Earth Systems and have a strong interest in GIS and digital mapping, along with Remote Sensing, Environmental Science, and Meteorology. I love applying my interests in technology to address environmental, urban landscape, and other complex problems as a way of learning more about our planet. Feel free to look under Projects to see some of the work  I have done in this field.

I was a varsity member of the UMass men's varsity crew team, competing in the men's single at the ACRA National Rowing Championships in Gainesville, GA

I enjoy cycling the hills of New England in the summers and cross country ski in the winters. I also enjoy sailing, and pretty much any activity on the water.

Music has always been a passion of mine, and I enjoy playing piano and keyboards in both solo, as well as part of small jazz combo groups or ensembles. 

I love traveling and documenting my favorite moments and locations in photographs. Some of my favorite destinations around the world include Newport, RI, Acadia National Park, ME, Boston, MA and Nantucket Island. A gallery of my images can be found under Photos, as well as a live-feed where you can see where I've been most recently. 

 I am also interested in classic men's style, and run a blog titled "The Thrifty Prep" where I share style tips on how to build a great wardrobe inexpensively.